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The protection and preservation of Dingoes, with particular attention to the Alpine Dingoes of Victoria, Australia.


Our mission is to raise happy, healthy genetically pure Dingoes to preserve the protected Dingo species. We also aim to heighten the awareness and compassion toward Dingoes worldwide.


Ozwolf Dingo Foundation supports the preservation of the dingo which is currently listed as a protected species. We aim to encourage education about dingoes to the public and raise support for this critical Australian animal. We are involved in creating a positive public image for dingoes, raising pups by hand to encourage the friendly and intelligent nature that not many people ever see.

General Information

Currently Ozwolf Dingo Foundation comprises of three dingoes, one male and two females. We currently maintain two dingo enclosures. In the future O.D.F. plans to live stream footage from the dingo enclosures on our website as well as putting videos and clips on YouTube.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria

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